TEFL Jobs for Retirees

Stories from Retirees Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad isn’t just for students, graduates and 30-somethings who can’t stand another year of the 9 ‘til 5! Over the past decade, increasing numbers of retired people from across Ireland have started taking TEFL courses and heading off for the challenge of teaching English abroad. And it makes sense when you stop to think about it. Retired people have more life experience to share. They have a little more free time on their hands. And many overseas employers, especially in the more lucrative business English market, prefer to hire people with a little more maturity and professional expertise.

Mary and Ted's Story

“I suppose the beginning of the story was when I resigned from my job as a teacher in South Africa and went to England for an 'adventure'. Then on holiday in Greece I met Ted, a retired soldier, sometime journalist and author. Both of us were widowed, one thing led to another, and we decided to do a TEFL course and see where it would lead us. After doing our TEFL courses, we put our CVs on the internet and got quite a few replies - mainly from the Far East. We were approached by the Yangzhou College in China and decided it would be far more interesting and we were right! The students were around 16 to 20 and each class had about 46 students. The salary was not great but living was so cheap that we could buy whatever we wanted and travel extensively at weekends and holidays.”