TEFL Internships in Thailand

Starting 11th October 2014

How does around five and a half months living and working as an English teacher in Thailand sound? We’re looking for native English speakers who fancy spending five to five and a half months in Thailand starting in October 2014. We’ve teamed up with Teach and Travel Thailand to give you the chance to get 140 hours of i-to-i TEFL training followed by five to five and a half amazing months experience of teaching English in Thailand, with 24-hour support. TTT has created a unique program for first-time teachers, giving you full support from their team so you can make the most of your time in Thailand.

What Happens Before You Arrive in Thailand?

If you don’t already have a recognised TEFL certificate, we’ll make sure you’re fully trained before you head out to Bangkok. This will ensure you have all the confidence you need to enjoy your time in the classroom. Here’s what you’ll get: Once you’ve sent in your application, the Teach and Travel Thailand team will work with you to get your internship sorted. They'll help you arrange your visa and make sure you have all the information and advice you need to get on your flight to Bangkok with complete confidence.

What Do You Get in Thailand?

Those first few days in Bangkok will be about getting used to life in Thailand, doing a bit of sightseeing and getting prepared for the challenges ahead! Here’s what you get:

What Do You Need to Do the Internship?

You’ll need 140 hours of TEFL training. If you haven’t already got a 140 hour TEFL certificate, we’ll train you before you head off for Bangkok. If you're already TEFL certified, call our TEFL experts to discuss your options. You’ll need to: What you don’t need